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The Architectural Group is team of Realtors located in Phoenix, Arizona. With a combined 20 years of experience in real estate, the group specializes in finding and listing architecturally-focused homes in the Greater Phoenix area.

Joel Contreras

Since 2004, Joel has been buying and selling architectural real estate. Featured in publications like Atomic Ranch, Architectural Digest, Houzz and Dwell Magazine for his design work, Joel attributes his success in real estate to his acute understanding of building and investment costs, and a deep passion of design and architecture. Joel has worked in all facets of real estate and design, from mortgage loan officer and real estate agent to designer and illustrator. Joel created his own style of remodeling that has helped shape design trends in downtown Phoenix, and he continues to give back to this vibrant community through his work with great local organizations like Local First Arizona, Preserve PHX, and the Coronado Historical Association. 

He is guided by the belief that success is directly proportional to one’s willingness to get out of their comfort zone. He is committed to pushing that envelope through his own real estate development and hopes to inspire and provide guidance to others who want to do the same.When he is not designing, he enjoys spending time with his son and feels that being a good dad is his most important and noteworthy accomplishment.

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